Our aiso™ technology is the software solution for multi-microphone audio that transforms the clarity and intelligibility of speech in challenging acoustic environments.

More than 26 person-years of research has culminated in a software solution which could give your smartphone, tablet or other multi-microphone device the assistive technology required to disrupt the multi-billion dollar hearing market.

By isolating specific speech signals and separating them from the background noise, aiso™ allows individual voices to be heard clearly, whether it’s on video calls, in recordings, or in real time in social situations.

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Solving the problem of speech in noise

81% of 40 – 64 year olds struggle to hear speech in noisy environments. Hearing aids and other existing solutions can actually make the issue worse – based on beamforming, they are imprecise and indiscriminate. Even with noise suppression added, competing speech is not removed.

Solving the problem of speech in noise

To be effective, hearing solutions need to distinguish the speech of interest from background noise as well as from other speech sources. aiso™ low latency technology separates individual speech signals and suppresses background noise. It improves the speech recognition threshold by 16dB and provides up to 26dB of noise suppression.


This tabletop device demonstrates the ability of aiso™ to separate speech and suppress noise. The device seamlessly follows conversations in automatic mode or allows the user to select particular sources of interest in focus mode

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Disrupt the $100Bn assistive listening market

Disrupt the $100Bn assistive listening market

Over 200 million people have untreated hearing loss and need assistance with hearing, but are not helped by traditional aids.*

Developed by the leading experts in multi-microphone audio solutions, aiso™ for Hearing provides the answer to unlocking this huge new market. Whether it’s embedded on a smartphone, a tablet, a tabletop hearing product or some other consumer device. aiso™ can overcome the limitations of traditional audio processing techniques to provide world beating assistive listening technology.

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How it works

Improve intelligibility and reduce listening fatigue

Speech understanding is increased from 5% to 98% in noisy environments (-5 dB SNR)


Improvement in Speech Recognition Threshold


Of Noise Suppression




Artefacts or distortion

aiso for Hearing –
Key Features and Benefits

Groundbreaking Source Separation

Improving Speech-to-Noise Ratio by 30dB

Ultra Low Latency

5ms latency perfect for assistive listening technology

Hardware Agnostic

Does not require a dedicated hardware codec or DSP. Supports any size / shape mic array.

Seamless Source Selection

Automatic and manual source selection enabling a seamless user experience

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*AudioTelligence & Harris Interactive Research – Incidence of Cocktail Party Problem. – In August 2020 AudioTelligence commissioned Harris Interactive, a MRS Accredited Company Partner and ISO 27001 certified market research agency to validate the size of the “Cocktail Party Problem”. The research was commissioned in the UK, US, Germany, China and Japan with 1000 participants aged 40-64 years old from each country. The outcomes indicated that 81% (558 million) of participants self-identified with the cocktail party problem and 40% of these people (220 million) were actively looking for a solution.